A DMS, IIT Delhi students' initiative, FINTAC is "Financial Training & Advisory Company". The company is a proud division of the ARN Group. It is based out of Gurgaon and operates across Delhi-NCR and other major cities in India.

FINTAC is a one stop financial training and advisory services provider for individuals and the corporate. FINTAC fills the void in the lives of the customers consisting of young IT professionals, MBA aspirants, students and government employees or any enterprising individual; in matters related to their knowledge, desire to invest diligently and training in the financial and other management fields. We aim to make our customers aware of the nuances of these fields and make them approachable from the point of view of confidence and knowledge, instead of looking at them with apprehension, confusion and fear, as that of a risky playground.

Apart from training to the individuals and the corporate, we also provide certification courses in Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR, Insurance, Banking and Infrastructure Project Management.

Our other specialized services include Training Workshops, Advisory Services, Portfolio Management and Customized Services.

Welcome to the world of knowledge. Welcome to FINTAC.


Be the most sought after organisation in the fascinating world of investments - educating and empowering the individuals to invest - invest judiciously by realizing the risks and the returns associated, and provide financial expertise to corporate.


We strive to:

  • Educate the individuals and assist organisations on financial markets and trading platforms
  • Help the individuals analyze the risks and the returns associated before investing
  • Provide career related guidance and advisory to students
  • Provide customized services
  • Provide certification courses