Training Workshops

At FINTAC we believe in the application of knowledge and we aim to provide training solutions to individuals and corporate through our intellectual capability and well formulated pedagogy, so that when a situation arises, you are the first to grab it with both hands. Confidence head first.

Advisory Services

At FINTAC advisory, we take dilemmas and expectations seriously. What we offer is not wild guesses but calculated risks. So that when you make a decision you know that it has come from scientific deduction by the best brains. So it doesn't matter if you are a corporate, IT Industry employee, Government Officer, Retired serviceman, MBA aspirant, Student, Housewife, Member of residential society Or an enterprising individual. With an experienced team, you are in safe hands. Our advisory lets you go full steam ahead!

Portfolio Management

At FINTAC when a client walks in with his hard earned money and lays it in front of us, we know that we are in for a huge responsibility and we don't shy away. With our rigorous testing and dynamic insights focused on minimizing risks, it lands in most positive industries and business sectors. Make money work for you.

Customized Services

Don't think any of our services are any help to you, Write to us and we will set up customized solutions just for you. Be it setting up your SME, or a boutique, or a manufacturing firm, we will get right back with detailed plans.